Santas Mekaniska AB was founded in 1979 by Georg Santa, as a company manufacturing tools and machinery. In 1996 Santas moved to new facilities and started to expand at a rapid rate. 1996 was also the year when the processing department gradually started to evolve into its current state.

Today the company has six employees and a complete processing department, which is connected to all the types of production that Santas conducts. We are currently investing in long-term, fully automatized processing machinery, an operational area that we aim to further focus on.

The strength of Santas Mekaniska AB is primarily our ability to manufacture great products from the first to the final step, from the first sketches to the finished product – ready for use. We offer a complete solution based on your specific needs and demands.

All operations are done under the same roof: tool and machine manufacturing as well as the processing of aluminum. This gives us great flexibility and the ability to quickly offer support between departments in case obstacles arise.

The work process is conducted through modern CAD-CAM-driven multi-operational machines, extensive processing machines including an efficient cut- and punch department. During the last years we have further expanded our facilities and invested in modern technology as well as machinery, new computer- and MPS-systems in order to create a balanced production with great operational fluency. Santas Mekaniska has invested greatly in terms of keeping production machinery and efficiency on a top-notch level. It is the belief of the company that in order to compete on today’s market, production efficiency needs to be kept as a top priority. Hence, Santas Mekaniska has focused on automatizing production to achieve results quickly and multiply that result while keeping the quality high at all times. An example worth noting is the implementation of fully automatized production lines, where robots achieve the same result over and over, continuously.

Santas’ employees are knowledgeable and flexible and we offer expertise across several industry sectors. Our ambition is to help and serve our customers and aid in problem solving in order to create qualitative products with high performance. Our current customers are usually found within industries such as the automotive-, propellant-, shipping-, safety-, telecom-, furniture-, lighting-, window-, and construction industry in Scandinavia as well as the rest of Europe.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or through the contact form available here on the homepage.

Attila Santa

Born and raised as a part of the founding family, Attila Santa was groomed into a natural part of the company. As previously stated the company has expanded greatly during the past decades, much due to Attila himself and his focus on implementing up-to-date technology and bringing the company’s expertise into new industries.

Additionally, Attila has great passion for industrial design and materials. With his designs he aims to strike the right balance between shape, technology and the chosen material (preferably aluminum and glass). Along the years Attila has presented and sold several of his designs, most notably his lamp series entitled Timeless, which can be found in many locations in Sweden as well as Europe.