We offer a large number of our own products including tools, hydraulic presses, special machines, brushing machines, specially designed fittings etc. Several of our products are patented and design protected.

Customized machinery

Santas manufactures customized machinery based on the customer’s demands. Such machinery may be equipped with different hydraulics systems. Furthermore, the installed PLC-systems can be turned into a device that feeds profiles automatically. Degree brushing may, in addition, be a complement.

Punching machinery

Santas manufacture punch tools as well as bending tools for bending in eccentric presses. The manufacturing is made in CAM operated CNC machines. Santas also has their own thermosetting and annealing furnace.

The tools are made out of aluminum and steel and are adapted for small air presses, hydraulic presses and a variety of eccentric presses. The machines can punch both vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, they are controlled digitally with a pressing force up to 80 tons. Additionally, they are equipped with automatic feeding of profiles.

As far as tools go we manufacture everything from small to medium sized ones. The ones we produce are based on custom specifications.

Feel free to contact us for advice or guidance regarding product development and the most cost-effective approach to your desired solution.

Hydraulic presses

Santas manufacture and assemble hydraulic presses specially aimed for your needs. The presses we offer vary in terms of their pressing force (we offer machines with a force from 5 to 80 tons). Further options include roller conveyer, feeder and single- or multi-stationary presses. The machines are adopted for changing tools quickly.

The presses come in the following variations:

1 x 9-ton with a single or double feeder & separate roller conveyors


1 x 9-ton + 2 x 5-tons


1 x 9-ton + 6 x 5-tons

H-beam press

4 x 5-tons
6 x 5-tons
8 x 5-tons.

Processing machinery

As all operations are done under the same roof we are able to have a very efficient communication between departments. This enables us to quickly find solutions to obstacles that may occur.

We offer a variety of modern and efficient machinery. A few examples:

CNC Machines

Extensive processing equipment

Double-cutting and automatic cutting

Tumblers and blasting equipment

Washing machines

Brushing machines

Hydraulic and eccentric presses

Automatic punching equipment with a variety of different feeder sizes

Measuring machine

Special/customized machines

Mounting equipment


Warehouse capabilities

Brushing machinery

We offer brushing machines for short, long and heavy profiles. Additionally, we have also invented a feeding machine, which ejects the profiles onto a conveyor belt found on the back. Further, the machine offers step-less length adjustment from 100-1600mm as well as variable speed control. This machine may also be equipped with wheels and vacuum cleaners for collection of dust.

Design, fixtures and office furniture

Timeless is a solid yet stylish piece of interior with a bold appearance, which reminds one of raw materials. Timeless is made out of anodized aluminum and glass and is offered in two designs – a wall-mounted one as well as a pendulum one. The back of the wall-mounted design is a rectangular plate made out of blasted glass.

As a piece of interior Timeless is suitable for a variety of environments such as corridors, cafés and well as banks. Additionally, when using halogen as the light source the design creates visual effects, which in turn give the design an attractive image as it is a combination of modern design, qualitative material and functionality.